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With its very sleek, smart and simple design, SafeEnd is a completely new type of energy absorber.

The energy absorbers currently on the market have proved expensive, complexand difficult to repair.

Saferoad Birstas’ SafeEnd® now comes as an option where a single product can deliver the maximum possible safety at a very low cost. There are other smaller versions of crash cushions on the market, but none of them are in the same class as Birstaverken’s SafeEnd®, which is one of Birstaverken’s patented and protected solutions.

A new generation
Saferoad Birstas’ SafeEnd® ensures that all the energy is absorbed by the end in the event of a collision without the parapet deforming. This end can also be used as an anchoring for parapets with a capacity class higher than N2. SafeEnd® is installed by being fixed with a pipe into the asphalt or gravel. There is no need for casting.

Many advantages with SafeEnd®
SafeEnd® has a very sleek, smart and simple design. It is as narrow as the parapet which means it can even be installed in confined spaces. Moreover, no heavy and expensive concrete foundation is necessary. SafeEnd® also serves as an anchor.

SafeEnd® is lightweight and is very easy to install and repair. For repairs, you do not need to close the road for too long, which reduces the risk of long queues and traffic jams. The design requires little material and it also means a very low cost compared to the alternatives.