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From Prins Dokkum to Saferoad

Until May 2014, Saferoad Holland conducted the company named Prins Dokkum and the company was located at the Rondweg-West 35 in Dokkum. Simultaneously with the move in May 2014, the company name has changed and the new office address has become Innovatielaan 3 in Heerenveen.

In 2010, the current company Saferoad Holland resulted from the acquisition of the Prins Dokkum road furniture division by the Saferoad group. Prince Dokkum has been started over 60 years ago, including avenues and other road furniture items. As a small self-propelled company with 50 employees, Prince Dokkum was insufficiently equipped to handle European competition. By joining the European market leader in traffic safety systems Saferoad, Prince Dokkum has taken the right path.

The new owner of Saferoad has modernized the company Prins Dokkum and provided new impetus. All of our products meet the highest standards within the EU and are constantly being developed. From efficient centralized group production locations in Poland and Germany, Saferoad Holland serves the Benelux market with a wide range of road furniture. New product lines such as road markers and noise protections will eventually be added to the product portfolio of Saferoad Holland.