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CORPO parts

Saferoad Holland - Consent Dossier 628/69 COPRO

COPRO certified spare parts intended for repairs of existing structures. COPRO certification remains necessary to keep an eye on the spare parts used for repairing existing non-BENOR certified constructions. The control of steel quality, geometry and galvanization of these loose parts is hereby ensured.

A license is granted to an applicant only if there is sufficient confidence that the manufactured construction product is consistent in accordance with the specifications.

Saferoad Holland delivers all Copro certified guardrail parts.

Description drawing number

    •  A Plank Copro 628 GR-01304
    • Vichy bracket Copro 628 GR-01330
    • Distributor 480 L GR-1431
    • Distributor 480 R GR-1430
    • AH 570 Copro 628 R GR-1324
    • AH 570 Copro 628 L GR-1319
    • AH 780 Copro 628 GR-1318
    • IPE-100 Pole L = 1750 GR-5201
    • IPE-100 Pole L = 1500 GR-5204
    • IPE-100 Pole L = 1900 GR-5206
    • IPE-100 Pole L = 2500 GR-5213
    • Pole P2 Copro GR-1382
    • Sigma pole L = 1900 Copro GR-1433
    • Pallet Claw GR-1441
    • End piece ND L = 667 Shell GR-3106
    • End piece for IPE 140PG / SLG GR-3134
    • Terminal plate L = 115 GR-7044
    • M12 cover plate with gant around 14 GR-12656
    • Spangording L = 4140 GR-14391
    • bridge pads IPE 100 Vichy GR-05207
    • Ground plates rectangular 370 * 220 * 25 GR-7059
    • Bolt M16 x 27 IP 4.6
    • Nut M16
    • closure ring M16

BENOR systems

The granting of a license to use a BENOR brand is made on the basis of the application rule (TRA). This application is based on the PTV. The Copro and Benor approval mark is stated on the certificate.

Saferoad Holland has a large number of systems with a BENOR approval mark. Copro's site contains all certificates.