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Wooden Railways

The wooden conductor rail system is a combined wood-steel safety device that complies with European Standard EN 1317-2.

The system fits excellently in a natural environment, while at the same time ensuring the safety of road users.

For artistic application, styles on footplate are available with a height of 650mm. If desired, the wooden guardrail can be fittet with a handrail, rear-view bicycle protection and motor-friendly guadrail.

Performance according to NEN-EN 1317-2

Wooden railways      Containment level          Class of working width          ASI          Type          Post distance    
MB2 wooden guardrail round      N2      W5      A single sided      2.0 m
MB1 wooden guardrail round      N2      W6      A single sided      3.0 m
MB2 wooden guardrail round      N2      W7      A single sided      4.0 m