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Crash Cushions & Terminals

The number of accidents on non-highways outside the urban area is unfortunately considerable. Large lengths of continuous guardrails are often not applied because they do not fit in the landscape and determine the road image too much. Starting and ending points also form a danger zone of a guardrail construction. To ensure the safety of the road user, there is the PRIMUS; An environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative that is versatile.

The PRIMUS P2 system is a start and end construction for guardrail systems, also called a terminal, and is multi-functional deployable:

    • as collision protection from obstacles on the roadside
    • as a start and end construction
    • as a protection of several small obstacles such as a 
      row of trees
    • as a protection of concrete pier, where an obstacle
      guard is oversimplified

PRIMUS 2a is a complete system for protecting a group of obstacles designed to prevent single accidents. The category "single accidents" can be subdivided into "fixed object" accidents and "unilateral". In the last category, the vehicle does not collide with a fixed object or obstacle, whereas this is the case with the "fixed object" accidents. PRIMUS 2a serves in particular for the protection of these "fixed object" accidents, such as road signs, light masts and trees.

In summary, the advantages of the PRIMUS systems are:

  • for many situations a proven solution
  • gradual and controlled energy drainage and avoidance of vehicle launch
  • safe, but cost-effective
  • easy installation, repair and maintenance
  • low risk of injury to occupants
  • low vehicle damage