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NEN 5190/5191

NEN 5190 and NEN 5191 are the old Dutch guidelines for guardrails. This describes the constructions, components and placement rules. The standard has recently been withdrawn by 18 August 2015 because there is a harmonized EN1317 standard in Europe, which sets out the performance requirements.

Saferoad Holland produces and supplies all systems in accordance with the recently revoked NEN 5190 / NEN 5191 standard and the associated auxiliary constructions.

      • Guardrails on highways
      • Guardrails on bridge parapets
      • Endings
      • Socket constructions
      • Emergency crossings
      • Barriers
      • Splitting double sided rail
      • broad transitions
      • Expansion joints / dilatation
      • Handrails on Guardrails
      • Transition constructions