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Moto-Shield Biker protection

Saferoad Motor-Shield prevents serious injuries

Moto-Shield® engine-friendly guardrail ensures that the fallen motorcycle rider is caught
and does not slip or collide under the construction, but is guided in a parallel direction along the structure.


Motor-cyclist friendly guardrail by Saferoad

8 february 2018 by Henk Zwartenkot

The Motorcyclist protection beam is becoming an increasingly well-known product in the Netherlands. The beams are usually placed under existing guardrail to limit the risk of injury to motorcyclists when they fall off their motorcycle. If non protected the posts of the guardrails system quickly become deadly obstacles for a sliding motorcyclist 

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  Severity level Working width Speed class Type system
Saferoad Motorshield I 0.3 m C70 Continuous Motorcyclist protection system