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We can help everyone "on their way". Road managers, engineers, consultancies, municipalities, provinces, contractors, etc. can approach us with the goal of jointly building a road safely. With our knowledge and experience, we make an excellent contribution to road planning.

Saferoad Holland has always been involved in the development of guardrails. We have been contributing as a source of knowledge and as a sparring partner for decades. For example in:

NEN Committee guardrail (EN 1317 and related national regulations)
Committee guardrail systems at Department of Road Construction (Bouwend Nederland)
Infrastructure Quality Expert Foundation (BRL 9161)
Opposition proceedings in tenders

The development of new systems and products is of course a matter for Saferoad. Taking into account the requirements, we show that innovations do not have to be tailor-made, but can be used everywhere as normal systems. The power is in simplicity and we stand for safe connections and transitions between the guardrail systems (existing and new). The road design must remain simple and concise so that it always complies with the applicable guidelines of the road authorities and / or customers.

Our employees have many years of experience in this field and are happy to contribute to innovative street design. From our practical experience on Dutch roads, our knowledge of new products and the application of (new) guidelines, we come to innovative advices in roadside protection. Our mission is to find the best possible security at an acceptable cost. After all, safety has to be affordable to be used everywhere.