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Noise Protection

Aluminium noise protection walls are designed for use as structural noise protection systems along roads, railways other noise sources.


We offer integrated solutions from planning to turnkey implementation.
BONGARD & LIND - noise protection systems made from aluminium are designed for use as noise protection systems along streets and other noise sources. They are suitable for outdoor use and because they are very lightweight ideal for bridges, supporting structures, or as noise absorbing cladding on reflective surfaces.  The quality of our products is our top priority. As well as regular internal quality control, our products and solutions are also approved by independent institutes. We are able to produce on-site elements, as well as custom-built and special solutions.

Noise protection along roads

Bongard & Lind Noise Protection Systems

Our highly absorbing noise barriers made of aluminium are used where traffic noise has become a nagging nuisance. The space-saving structures may be painted in different colour designs or covered with plants to make them fit best in the surrounding area. In our own Bongard & Lind factory and at competitive prices we design and manufacture both lightweight aluminium frame systems in conjunction with transparent materials and highly absorbent noise protection panels made of seawater-resistant, powder-coated aluminium. They consist of static supporting extrusions, rolled aluminium side walls and vertically stabilizing end caps.

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Noise protection along railway lines

While still being the most environmentally friendly means of transport, the railway is also a source of noise in everyday life. The rolling of the wheels on the tracks, the driving noise of engines and fans are often perceived as stressful by residents.

Highly absorbent track side walls are often the only way to noticeably reduce noise emission. These walls almost completely avoid sound reflection and in contrast to other systems, they do not require much space.

Noise barriers by Bongard & Lind are made of aluminium and meet the special requirements of high-speed railway lines which besides sophisticated acoustic properties also have to meet specific civil engineering requirements.

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Individual shielding of outdoor areas

The design of these noise barriers makes them particularly suitable for temporary enclosures of machines and drilling rigs or to silence noisy activities such as sporting events or concerts. The fact that no foundation is required, is one of the most significant advantages of our NoiseGard professional system. No need to check underground cables, drainage channels, etc. The system is designed for different heights and any length to provide complete fencing of industrial facilities and events. Matching gate systems, entrances and emergency exits will be adapted as required. Individual requirements of acoustic or optical properties may be implemented upon request. Depending on the model, we offer the possibility to either rent or buy the systems.

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Temporary Noise Protection

The NoiseGard light product line developed by Bongard & Lind is primarily intended for private sound insulation. Despite its lightweight and flexible structure, it may also meet professional acoustic and static requirements and is also an effective visual barrier. The system isof universal use, light weighted and has a small footprint. The set up, for example on urban construction sites, is in less than 3 minutes. Where higher wind loads are expected, the system may be anchored or braced. Those elements may be either hired or bought.

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Touch guards on bridges

The RIZ Elt 2 regulation requires road bridges or pedestrian bridges to be retrofitted with touch guards to ensure protection against electric shock from the active parts of the overhead lines according. Alternatively, shock protection walls may be fitted with railings or continuous handrails.

The systems meet the requirements of DIN EN 50122-1: 2011-09 to protect electrical railway systems such as long distance railway lines, guided public transport systems such as tramways, elevated and underground railway lines or cable cars. The glass infills are made of transparent acrylic glass according to ZTV-LSW 06.

Exposed areas are reinforced with inside stabilization filaments to prevent debris from damaging critical systems. These visible polyamide filaments are also helpful to protect birds.

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