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Saferoad Motorshield

Continuous Motorcyclist protection system

Saferoad recently successfully tested her new Motorcyclist protection shield. Tests were run according to the CEN/TS 1317-8 and resulted in the highest reachable class.

A motorcyclist-dummy was used to carry out a  collision test where the dummy hits the Motorshield beam with a speed of 70 km/h. During impact equipment will register all forces on head and neck.

These forces resulted in a score which led to the highest classification for the Saferoad Motorshield; class I. At this class, the risk of personal injury for motocyclists is as low as possible when crashing into the system.

  Severity level Working width Speed class Type system
Saferoad Motorshield I 0.3 m C70 Continuous Motorcyclist protection system