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Road Safety


The purpose of roadside protection is to make the spaces next to the road as safe as possible. This minimizes the risk of accidents for vehicles that have left the road and limits their severity. If obstacles endanger the safety of vehicles, the use of guardrails can provide a solution.

Saferoad Holland has an extensive portfolio of guardrails systems so that a secure solution is available for every situation. Our experience and knowledge enable us to always achieve a balanced design where safety is an absolute requirement.
Our products offer a range of options. We are happy to assist you in selecting the right products.

Our constructions are delivered with CE marking according to EN1317-5. This means that all our products comply with EU Regulation 305/2011 and the Building Regulations art 1.6.



Saferoad Holland produces and supplies various double-sided systems for the motorways. In addition to the NEN 5190/5191 constructions, Saferoad has also developed new complementary guide rail systems called MegaRail dx and MegaRail d, which fit perfectly into the Dutch road network. In developing these new systems, the following has been considered:

· Durability: Less material consumption
· Safety at work: Assembly is easier and therefore better for the health
· Safety: better performance in injury index