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Motorcyclist protection - Moto-shield

Saferoad Moto-shield prevents serious injuries

Moto-Shield® guardrail ensures that the fallen motorcyclist is caught and does not slip or get stuck under the structure. So the motorcyclist will be guided along the system.
With Saferoad Holland you have the choice between 2 different ways to fix the motoshield. This choice depends on how the motoshield must be positioned. Both products have been tested to EN/TS 17342 and comply with the latest guidelines in the Netherlands and Belgium.


    Severity level Working width Protection level Type system
MegaRail eb Motorcycle Protection
Moto-shield C70-I PP I 0.3 m 70 Continuous Motorcyclist protection system
SafeStar 241 Motorcycle Protection Moto-shield C70-I AH I 0.3 m 70

Continuous Motorcyclist protection system




Motorcyclist friendly guardrail

8 february 2018 by Henk Zwartenkot

The Motorcyclist protection beam is becoming an increasingly well-known product in the Netherlands... more ...