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Crash Cushions & Terminals

RIMOB CrashGuard, SafeEnd and Primus product families

Crashguard products have been used on the European road network for many years for the safe shielding of obstacles and as a starting point for guardrails.

SafeEnd is a new Saferoad solution for use as a start or end point (terminal) for a guardrail system. It works as a crash pad. The SafeEnd also assumes the function of an anchor.

The Primus acts as a shield for individual objects along regional roads. A lowering of the guardrail system is not necessary with a Primus. Products from the Primus family are tested either as Guardrail and / or as a terminal.

In recent years, we have noticed an increase in the use of Rimobs in the European market. The increase is due to increased awareness of the road authorities for their responsibility for safe roads. Although road users always make mistakes, road authorities can often prevent fatal accidents by using the right resources.

In particular the Dutch road authorities are very successful in establishing strict rules for the application of Rimobs. With that they have definitely contributed to the fact that there are less accidents on Dutch roads.

The most important function of a Rimob is to prevent (fatal) injuries to motorists encountering an obstacle. Obstacles come in many forms. Traffic storms, concrete pillars, bridgeheads and tollbooths, but also, for example, a tree or the start or end of the guardrail. This function prevents the driver from touching the obstacle. Another feature that the Rimob performs ensures that the car in question poses no danger to other road users. In addition, a Rimob must also act as a regular guardrail if the driver touches the obstacle protection laterally or backwards.

These features make the Rimob a sophisticated product. First, all forces must be absorbed in the longitudinal direction in frontal impact, on the other hand, all forces must be reduced in the lateral direction in a side impact. The Rimob Crashguard therefore features a sturdy steel rail with massive skids for shear forces and a precisely calculated number of aluminum tubes and one or more sturdy H-beams to absorb the frontal impact.

All functions of the Rimob CrashGuard have been extensively tested according to EN1317-3. Saferoad has been testing and developing Rimob crashguards since the 1980s. Through continuous development of the product, Saferoad has recently received the highest certification level for the Rimob Crashguard. The product can therefore be delivered in versions 5S and 6S with a D1 and Z1 value. These values ensure that the risk of other road users participating in the collision is minimized.

There are different versions of the Rimob CrashGuard. There is a safe and suitable option for every traffic situation.