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RIMOB CrashGuard Overview

The Crashguard has successfully passed all tests according to EN-1317 Part 3 and meets the requirements of the highest performance class of 110 km/h-R for obsessive obstacle protectors.

The system length is variable (L = 3.5 m, 6.5 m or 7.5 m), depending on the desired performance and required containment level. A customized solution is possible for every situation.

The Rimob Crashguard has evolved, since its introduction in the 1970s, into a versatile and advanced product. The system length can be derived from the number of segments in the name coding (P800-6s has 6 segments and P800-3s has 3 segments).

The Rimob Crashguard family consists of standard production components (replaceable) and is easy to repair. All critical parts are clearly identified and thus the recycling of old components in Rimob Crashguards is guaranteed.