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RIMOB CrashGuard

RIMOB Crashguard® has successfully been tested in accordance with EN 1317-3 and therefore fulfi ls the requirements of the highest performance class of 110 km/h for redirective crash cushions.


CrashGuard » Overview

Recently, Europe shows a positive trend starting to use crash cushions on a wider scale. This growth is caused by the higher consciousness of road authorities, showing their responsibility for safer roads, which means their dedication to the idea to prevent fatal outcome of accidents as there will be always driving errors. But especially Dutch road authorities were very successful in implementing strict guidelines for the use and installation of crash cushions and can thus be complimented with their contribution to less personal injuries on national roads. Different shapes of crash cushions exists for protection of different objects and for different road conditions.

The main function of crash cushions is to prevent lethal damage to car passengers possibly crashing into static objects. Static objects can be sign posts, concrete pillars and toll-booths, but also trees or starting- or end-points of safety barriers.


To redirect a car, a crash cushion is able to withstand side impact and fulfils the function of a safety barrier. As its main function here is to move in longitudinal direction, the way cross directed forces are handled is an important element of the system. CrashGuard, a system family developed by Saferoad, therefore is equipped with a sturdy steel rail and massive steel runners. These different conditions ask for an extensive testing program.

As described by the European norm EN1317-3 a crash cushion system should be tested on fullscale. Saferoad has been testing and developing crash cushions since the early 80’s.

Over 15 full scale test are recently performed to develop the CrashGuard family to the highest level of certification. The last reported results from the Saferoad development show that a D1 (Class of Lateral Displacement) and a Z1 (Redirection Zone) value is now available for the CrashGuard 5s and 6s series. The Class of Lateral Displacement and Redirection Zone values give the customer the security that the indirect risk for other traffic to get involved in the accident, is minimized. 

Different shapes of crash cushions exists for protection of different objects and for different road conditions.