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Guardrail systems for Highways

Saferoad Holland produces and supplies various double-sided systems for the highways. In addition to the constructions according to NEN 5190/5191 Saferoad has also developed new complementary guardrails with the names MegaRail dx and MegaRail d, which fit perfectly into the Dutch road systems. All guardrail systems are delivered with CE according to EN1317-5.

Explanation NEN 5190/5191: These are the old Dutch guidelines for guardrails. All systems, the production of parts and assembly rules are standardized. Both standards have been withdrawn (2015) as there is a harmonized EN1317 standard in Europe, which defines the performance requirements for the guardrails.

Each Member State immediately repeals identical or conflicting national standards. That is why these old standards can as an example, only be used as a reference for damage repair.

Saferoad Holland mainly produces and supplies repair parts in accordance with the withdrawn standard NEN 5190 / NEN 5191 and the associated auxiliary constructions. The reason for this is that almost 75% of NEN constructions do not have a CE marking in accordance with EN 1317-5 and can therefore no longer be placed on the roads (economic offense).


  • Guardrails rammed
  • Guardrails on bridgedeck
  • Endings
  • Post in Socket constructions
  • Prefab Emergency openings
  • Openinggate
  • Junctions
  • Transitions
  • Dilation constructions
  • Parapets
  • Transfer points