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We offer both, standard parapets and customized solutions

Saferoad offers parapets which are tested according to the EN 1317. Parapets tested by by EN 1317 are an independent construction capable of restraining cars. This must be tested by EN 1317 with a containment level of H4b, H2 or N1 in accordance with the guidelines and the situation on the spot.

A crossing overhead infrastructure (of national highways) always requires an H2 curve level. As the EN-1317 covers a higher core power, it is also possible to have a lower core capacity, an H2 level also in case of a prescribed H1, N1 or T1 level.
The parapets that Saferoad offers are all CE marked and tested in accordance with EN 1317-2 and can be used in place of the RWS parapet. The parapets are characterized by a good design. The rail systems are all modular and all features and options are available. Alternatively, the different systems can often be connected to each other in order to provide a solution for different road situations. Colors are custom-made on the hot dip galvanized outer layer.
Our parapets combine modern design with a high level of quality and are well suited for use in areas with high demands for esthetics. The modular structure of the parapets contributes to quick installation and low cost. Several parapets also function as a car restraint system and will be delivered under CE-marking.